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Grayslake North Jr Knights is a youth football feeder program for Grayslake North High School. Our goal is to make football available to all athletes that want to play, and we do this by offering different programs throughout the year. 

GNJK teaches the lifelong principles of good citizenship, sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, and knowledge in the competitive fundamentals of the game of football. We teach physical fitness, mental discipline, and teamwork to develop a winning attitude, scholarship, and sportsmanship that will be carried on and off the field of play.


How is GNJK different from other programs in the area?

While there are many great football programs in the area their main focus is just At GNJK our goal is to not only provide a football (or cheer) program but to also give back and be involved in the community. Part of our mission is to help encourage the players to be good citizens and one way to do that is to help others. We recently adopted a highway near GNHS, helped out our local 5th graders with their pet donation drive, we are providing free speed & agility clinics AND are always looking for ways to get more involved. Have an idea? Send it to

What league does GNJK belong to and why?

We play flag football with the local communities which consists of teams that are both in IL and WI. The furthest we travel for games is about 30min away. 

Do you offer a Girls Only Flag team?

Yes! We were the first ones in Lake County to offer this beginning in the fall of 2023.  This is a combined team of 11-14 year olds. 

Does GNJK only accept players that will be going to Grayslake North High School?

Our answer is simple, we are a feeder program for GNHS, our tackle uniforms and values resemble theirs and the point of our program is to help grow theirs.  However, if an out of district athlete wants to play for us we will not turn them away. If we did, that would go against our mission of making football available to all. 

How are flag teams structured?

In the spring we offer Flag for players ages 5-14 and group them by 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U.  Age is based on 9.1.23. In addition, we offer a girls only flag team for ages 11-14. In the fall we offer Flag for players ages 5-12 and group them by 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U. In addition, we offer a girls only flag team for ages 11-14. 

When does the season start?

There are two flag seasons that we play in, Spring and Fall. The spring season practices will start the week of April 1st and consist of 1 day a week for 6U and 8U, and 2 days a week for 10U, 12U, 14U, and Girls Only (12U-14U). Our last game is played on May 19th.  Fall season starts in August and runs through October. 

All of our practices take place at Grayslake North HS. 

What day are games played on?

In the spring games are played on Sundays, with the exception of Mother's Day weekend when we play on that Saturday. In the fall, it is a mixture of Saturdays and Sundays. 

What equipment will my player need?

The player is required to have football cleats, a mouth guard, and a water bottle. They will receive a game jersey that they will get to keep. 

Have additional questions? Send us an email to

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The Registration "Flag Information" is not currently available.